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Euromillion of Superdraw in Focus

Spectacular Euromillion jackpots: Huge and rare

Over the years, Euromillion has developed steadily since its first draw in February 2004 and, in addition to a few rule changes, various extras have also been added. One of them is the so-called Euromillion Superdraw. It has been in existence since 2007 and is a special drawing that is only carried out irregularly on special days. Especially at the Superdraw is not only their date, but also the size of the Euromillion Jackpots, because these do their nickname Superpots all credit. The Superpots are now always at least 130 million euros, which makes them particularly attractive.


There have been a total of 23 superdraws so far, of which 16 were over 100 million euros. The last took place on 24 April 2018, when a Briton won the entire Euromillion Superpot of over 138 million Euros for himself. One of the most memorable superdraws, on the other hand, was the second draw ever. At the end of 2007, the €130 million jackpot was not won in Class 1, but in Rank 2 – by 14 players who could each carry home almost €10 million.


Euromillion super-draws vs. event draws

However, there is still a subtle difference between superdraws in general and pure event drawings, which take place on special, significant days. In the Euromillion of superdraws, the focus is on the particularly high jackpot size, two of the three previous maximum jackpots of 190 million were cracked in the context of a superdraw. In the case of pure event draws, the jackpot is also distributed to prize class 2 if nobody reaches prize class 1. This means that the Euromillion event draws usually have more winners than the regular Euromillion super draws. Event draws include jackpots of up to 100 million Euro.


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