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euromillion from 10. Sep 2013

  • 7
  • 11
  • 14
  • 28
  • 30
  • 2
  • 10
euromillion Jackpot 10.09.2013:

€ 15,000,000

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euromillion Payouts & Winners 10 sept. 2013

Tier Match Winners Amount
I 5 and 2 stars 0 15.000.000,00 €
II 5 and 1 star 17 59.326,40 €
III 5 only 25 13.447,30 €
IV 4 and 2 stars 47 3.576,40 €
V 4 and 1 star 1206 121,90 €
VI 4 only 3500 42,00 €
VII 3 and 2 stars 1851 56,70 €
VIII 2 and 2 stars 22714 21,20 €
IX 3 and 1 star 43643 10,50 €
X 3 only 106863 7,20 €
XI 1 and 2 stars 109177 12,50 €
XII 2 and 1 stars 501752 7,30 €
XIII 2 only 1186478 3,10 €

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Euromillion: Numbers and Odds


In the Euromillion, as in all other lotteries, there are interesting and valuable information about Euromillion numbers and Euromillion odds. The first thing that will interest you after a tip is with a high probability the Euromillion winning numbers, which came out of the drawing on Tuesday and Friday after 21 o'clock in Paris from the drum. Of course you can find them here immediately after the draw.



Euromillion payout: always up to date



On this page we not only show you the different ways you have to claim your Euromillion winning chance, we also inform you about the current Euromillion winning numbers so that you are always up to date and can quickly check whether you have already won the last draw and how big the Euromillion payout will be. In addition, you can view the results of previous draws in our archive. After all, sometimes you are a little busy and don't always follow the draws.



An overview of the Euromillion prize categories



Directly after the correctness of the single typed Euromillion numbers the Euromillion quotas are of importance, which determine, how high the profit is, which is connected with the reaching of a certain Euromillion profit class. The amount of the profit is readable with Euromillion in a table, which we make available to you on this side. There are the different percentage shares, which result with the Euromillionen payment in the 13 different Euromillion profit classes. As you can see when you look at the corresponding odds, i.e. the actual winning sums, the winnings only increase slightly between the lower winning ranks, but then explode enormously from rank 4. In profit class 1, with 5 correct numbers and two correct star numbers, at least 17 million euro flutter in the long run on your account, usually it is however substantially more, on the average fabulous 55 million.



Euromillion taxes



A question that often arises when people are interested in lottery play is whether Euromillion of taxes, i.e. on winnings, have to be paid. In Germany this question can be answered very easily and quickly, because winnings from lotteries played in Germany are not subject to income tax. However, this only applies to lotteries that also exist in Germany. Euromillion is an exception, as Germany is not yet listed among the 10 participating countries. Nevertheless, you can play Euromillion in Germany. In this context it depends on how you participate: as a German or through a "messenger" as a resident of another country, for example Switzerland or Austria (both Euromillion participating countries). In such a case, you will have to pay tax on the winnings as in the respective country. Therefore, before you participate, pay close attention to your provider's terms and conditions in order to be fully informed about possible Euromillion taxes.