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What happens if you win the EuroMillion and National Lottery?


Tips from a professional:
Andy Carter, the boss of a national lottery has explained what happens after someone has won a jackpot and how you can prevent the whole world from knowing about it.
What do I do if my numbers were right?
First you call the number on the back of the purchased ticket. You're put through to a call center and someone is put at your side to go through the next important steps. The staff also deal with other issues that have nothing to do with jackpot winnings, such as handing in a lottery ticket by telephone. 

When do I get my money?
The winnings are paid by bank transfer within 48 hours to the winner's account. It is recommended to create a new account with a private bank and not to have it transferred to the normal Sparkassen account. So nobody will know about the huge win - not even the normal bank employees. 

Are there any differences depending on how much I have won?
Short and sweet - yes. If you win more than 50 thousand euros, the details will be passed on to a responsible team, who will personally bring you the ticket.

What happens if I am visited?
It ensures that the winner gets help and advice - especially with the paperwork that follows a big jackpot. It's about taking them by the hand and making sure that everything goes smoothly at such a turning point in life. 

How far will I be supported?
That depends on how confident the winners feel about their new life situation. We stay in contact with the winners as long as they wish.

It is interesting to note that not everyone submits their ticket as soon as they know they have won. The most important recommendation of the professional is the transfer of the money to a secure private account at a private bank. His tip is based on a UK jackpot winner who won 77.7 million pounds - whose identity is still unknown.

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