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The largest Euromillion wins in history


The biggest Euromillion of winnings in the history of the European Megalottery are worth a special article to us. On the one hand they are spectacular and on the other hand they invite you to dream about what you would do if you found yourself in a situation where a Euromillion mega-profit is transferred to your own account.


Millionaire since 2004

In the hundreds of Euromillion drawings in history, there have been many losers whose numbers may not have been there yet. But there have also been many winners, who not only got back a multiple of their stakes, but also left the game with millions and millions. Euromillion has been giving out millions for almost 15 years, making it the leader in the whole of Europe. No other lottery has paid out so many and so large jackpots to its players and no other European lottery awards jackpots as large as those of the Euromillion.


Maximum 190 million winnings

The maximum sum that may be in the jackpot with Euromillion is exactly 190 million euros. So far this sum could be reached exactly three times, a fourth time it was slightly below 187 million Euro.

The third highest Euromillion jackpot to date was won by a British couple on 12 July 2011. Colin and Chris Weir from Scotland could not believe their luck when they cracked the maximum jackpot of 185 million Euros. After the draw, of all things, the hotline of the British Euromillion provider for claiming the prize was already closed, so that the two of them couldn't sleep a wink during the whole night.

Second place in the previous table of the highest jackpots in the Euromillion was taken by a Portuguese and a Spaniard. On 24 October 2014 and 6 October 2017, they each won the maximum jackpot of 190 million euros. However, due to the 20% taxation of lottery winnings in Portugal and Spain, both had to pay 38 million euros to their home countries. Nevertheless, they each still had over 150 million euros left for a carefree life with immediate effect.

The biggest Euromillion jackpot of 190 million Euro won so far went again to Great Britain on 10 August 2012, also to a married couple. Although the Bayfords hit a higher jackpot of 190 million than the Weirs did, the Euro exchange rate in 2012 was so bad that their winning amount in pounds was lower. So to this day, Colin and Chris Weir's winnings are considered the highest ever British Pound win in the UK.

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