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The Euromillion Jackpot


The heart of the Euromillion Lottery is without question the Euromillion Jackpot. Since 2004, countless people have been chasing the millions the lottery promises them every month in two draws a week. provides all information about the current jackpots and allows you with tools such as the Jackpot-O-Meter and the odds table to always be up to date, but more about that later.

Over the years, Euromillion and the Euromillion Jackpot have changed constantly. In the beginning, there were draws for much lower jackpots, but it soon became clear that the jackpot sums would rise very quickly. For this reason, at the beginning of 2006, around the 2nd birthday of the lottery, there was a rule change according to which the jackpot can only remain uncracked 12 times in a row. If there is no winner in the 12th week, then the entire jackpot is distributed to the 2nd prize class and the winners share the total amount. November 2006 brought the first application of this rule and 20 players could be happy about almost 10 million Euro each. 


A lid on the jackpot pot

The regulation with the 12 consecutive draws was abandoned again in 2009; instead, a cap on the jackpot amount should solve the problem of excessive jackpots. This was expected to increase the number of individual winners and thus increase the popularity of the Euromillion lottery. The maximum amount was set at 185 million, but after the first distribution to Colin and Chris Weir in summer 2011, it was rounded up directly to 190 million. Since then, the jackpot margin for the Euromillion has always been between 17 and 190 million euros.


Big Jackpot, small Jackpot

With two draws a week and a game principle of 5 out of 50 and 2 out of 12, the Euromillion jackpot will of course remain longer. This results in many different amounts on the jackpot scale. Often you just want to know quickly whether the jackpot is currently high or rather low, without clicking through the last draws, in search of the last jackpot cracked. This is exactly where our Jackpot-O-Meter helps. Using a needle on a scale, it shows exactly where the current Euromillion jackpot is compared to the highest and lowest possible jackpot. So you can quickly see whether it's particularly worthwhile placing your bet or whether the jackpot can still rise a little. Our odds table also shows you how the winnings are usually distributed among the different ranks, so how much you can expect with how many correct winning numbers. offers you everything you need to correctly estimate the current jackpot and understand the entire Euromillion lottery. The various tools round off our range of information. If you have any questions, you'll also find an answer on our FAQ page.

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