The best way to play Euromillion from Europe!

Playing of Euromillion from abroad



Participation in Euromillion is also possible from abroad. You can play LottoStar24 during your holiday stay at the licensed Euromillion provider and check your selected numbers. Playing of Euromillion from abroad is thus possible via the lottery portal.

Play Euromillion from abroad: via the Euromillion portal

Participation in Euromillion is also possible from abroad. The record jackpot can be reached during your holidays and you can play the lottery with the licensed provider LottoStar24 via the Euromillion portal. 


Is it legal to participate in Euromillion from abroad?

Yes! Of course, it's legal. The Interstate Treaty on Gambling stipulates in ยง 4 paragraph 2 that German lottery providers must carry out an identity check. In practice, this compulsory measure means that it is necessary to check age and place of residence. It serves the prevention of gambling addiction and the protection of minors. Once this has been done, you can officially take part in the draws. Germans can play Euromillion from abroad, but the official lottery providers do not guarantee an identity check. This means that participation from other countries is only possible on the Internet via internationally licensed providers such as LottoStar24.


What do you have to do if you want to play from abroad?

If you decide to play Euromillion with LottoStar24, your Euromillion ticket will be sent to you online. Whether you are staying in a hotel in Sardinia, a mountain hut in the Alps or a foreign hospital: with an internet connection you can play the Euromillion lottery from anywhere in the world. All you have to do is register at LottoStar24, select the Euromillion lottery and choose the numbers you want to play. If you live in a country with a time difference, you should take into account the deadlines for submitting your ticket.


Should I claim my winnings abroad?

Euromillion is a multinational lottery created by the merger of ten lotteries in nine countries. If you buy the Euromillion ticket at a kiosk abroad, you must claim your winnings in the country where you played the Euromillion lottery. You can also participate in any national lottery as a holidaymaker without being a national of that country. However, you can only claim your winnings in the country where the Euromillion lottery ticket was purchased. It is therefore recommended that you stay in the country where you bought the Euromillion ticket during the draw and, in the best case, for a few days afterwards.


Participation in the foreign lottery Euromillion via LottoStar24

Euromillion can be played whether you are abroad or at home. Players who want to participate in a foreign lottery regardless of their current location simply choose a verified online provider such as LottoStar24. Winning amounts won through an online provider are transferred directly to the player's account and are immediately available to the player.

You can play at home in front of your home computer, after skiing in the Alps in front of your notebook in your hotel room or via the mobile application of LottoStar 24, which allows you to fill out the ticket from your smartphone wherever you are. All you have to do is wait for the draw and look forward to a possible win.


Do I have to pay taxes on the profit amounts abroad?

Whether taxes are payable on a win in the Euromillion lottery depends on the legislation of the country. There are different tax laws in different European countries. However, there are some countries where winnings are not taxable. 

Switzerland is a country where winnings of 1000 Swiss francs (approx. 915 euros) or more are taxed at 35 percent. There is also a regulation that allows locals to reclaim these taxes on their tax returns. This does not apply to foreign lottery players, as they do not pay taxes in Switzerland.For players from Germany, Belgium, Austria or the UK who play online, no taxes are due and the winner can claim the full amount of the prize.

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