The best way to play Euromillion from Europe!

Playing EuroMillion online: Is it safe?


When you sign up for a website like LottoStar24, you have the opportunity to place bets so that you can win amounts equivalent to the largest lottery jackpots in the world. If - as this week - the EuroMillion jackpot rises above the 100 million Euro mark, you can be sure that you will also win this sum at LottoStar24.

How does LottoStar24 pay large jackpots?

LottoStar24 has a special insurance cover that is able to offer its members several million pounds of jackpots. While smaller prizes are covered by received bets, larger jackpot prizes such as those of EuroMillion are paid out by the insurance company.

Why is the Jackpot on LottoStar24

As a rule, LottoStar24 offers the same jackpot prize as the lottery on which it is based. However, sometimes LottoStar24 increases the jackpot amount so that its members can win even larger amounts.

Here are some common questions people have about the safety of online lottery betting:

Is my private information secure?

LottoStar24 uses the latest encryption software to keep all our users' information safe and secure. Payments are processed through a reputable independent payment service provider who had to pass the most stringent checks from both Visa and Mastercard to be certified.
Is LottoStar24 a legitimate organizer?

LottoStar24 is fully licensed and regulated by the Malta Gambling Commission. This is one of the strictest regulatory authorities in the industry, which means they only license trusted gaming sites like LottoStar24.

And remember that LottoStar24 still offers EuroMillion tickets at a lower price than it would cost you to buy a ticket in the store.

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