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My life as a lottery millionaire - Werner Bruni - The Euromillion winner



Werner Bruni, the first lottery millionaire in Switzerland, has won a jackpot of 1.69 million Swiss francs in Euromillion lottery. He was the first winner of more than one million euros after the introduction of the lottery system in 1970. Werner was a simple construction worker who won more than one million Swiss francs on 28 April 1979. He successfully placed the numbers 11, 40, 29, 2, 33, 15 and 31, resulting in a prize of 1.69 million Swiss francs. Taxes reduced this amount to CHF 729,386. 

He could afford everything. As people had been fascinated by the "Lotto King" since 1979, he was overrun by the media after his win and television produced many films about him.

But Werner's story shows that winning the lottery does not always make you happy. The Bernese Oberland plumber gambled away a house and seven years later he went bankrupt. Werner not only lost his lottery winnings, but also everything he had. He received bad investment advice from his boss, a real estate developer, and six years later, after much media advertising, he went bankrupt. In 2008 he was diagnosed with leukemia.

How did the bad experience in his life help him?

In Werner's memory he wrote that no bank approached him that could give him suitable advice on saving and long-term investment of his profits. He was so happy about his leap in wealth that he made many new friends in a short time and spent everything on houses, cars, holidays, entertainment and other extravagances. Soon he was poor again and today he lives on social benefits. But he continues to bet his lucky numbers. He has learned at least one lesson in his life: these numbers are winning numbers.

In 2010 Werner published the book "Lottokönig: Einmal Millionär und zurück" and began to celebrate the vernissage of his book "Lotto King".
After being diagnosed with leukemia, Werner began to write down his life story. The book is full of anecdotes from all phases of the plumber's life. He is a man with special charisma, and he still plays his six lucky numbers today.

During the vernissage, the Basel native did not come empty-handed, but presented the king with a lottery ticket.
In the first part of the book he describes the phase of his life before he became the first lottery millionaire in Switzerland. He devotes his attention to the impressive portrait of a working-class child who was denied many subjects. His father was a bricklayer foreman, and his mother had to earn extra money as an unskilled worker and cleaning lady.  Later he describes how he met his first wife, a waitress from Germany. Since he only married her because she was pregnant, his marriage was revised soon after.
He continues to describe his life after 1970, when he married for the second time. And the fascinating moment of his life happened on 28 April 1979, when he won 1.7 million francs in the lottery. When his financial problems began, he had to sell all his pride and joy, but the financial situation continued to deteriorate. His marriage did not go very well either. Mrs. Bruni had become self-employed and invested in solariums. But there was nothing else left but private bankruptcy. Apartment and property were auctioned off.


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