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Multimilionaire and record seller


190 million Adrian Bayford won together with his wife in 2012. This triumph not only made the couple multimillionaires, but also caused a sensation in the media. Adrian still holds the all-time record in Europe. No wonder - no other lottery in Europe currently offers more than 190 million euros in the EuroMillion lottery.
So far, however, things have changed in the life of the million-man lottery. The 45-year-old has separated from his former wife and now lives with his new love, with whom he has realized a long-awaited dream.
He has opened a second-hand shop where he sells old and valuable records. It has to be explained that he owned such a shop before he won, but had to close it. When his profit became public, too many people came to the shop and asked him for financial support.

The new old dream

In his new shop, however, he sells not only records, but also entire music collections and collections of possessions of famous musicians. Among other things, he owns the largest collection of pop star Lady Gaga's possessions.

He also has an obsession with Star Wars. So a whole section will be dedicated to the famous film series.

For the opening of his new shop, a pop star should also be present, from whom he offers possessions or music. It can be assumed that this is a feasible undertaking for a multimillionaire.
The film industry was not safe from the 45-year-old either. A separate section will be dedicated to the Star Wars series.

But all this is not enough for him yet. In addition to these projects, Adrian is also planning a professorship - "We are curious to see if he can put this project into practice.
And this time?

Next Friday, as usual, there will be a draw for the EuroMillion lottery in Paris. This time there is an incredible 65 million euros in the jackpot. Perhaps you are the next big winner? We wish you lots of luck and fun typing.

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