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Euromillion vs. Lotto odds comparison: Which lottery has the better odds?


Everyone dreams of landing a big throw in the lottery. No longer being forced to earn money and being able to fulfill wishes that would probably remain an illusion forever without a huge amount of money. But with which lottery does one seek financial happiness? With the Euromillion vs. Lotto odds comparison it becomes clear that two lotteries are completely different. So you bet on Europe's most popular lottery among the Euromillion, which doesn't have to shy away from the comparison with Lotto 6 aus 49 in any way. In this article both lotteries are examined and the Euromillion chances of winning are fathomed. 

Euromillion Win Chances: How to Calculate the Win Probability

If you are looking for big money, you certainly don't want to deal with formulas, but hope first and foremost for a lucky hand when ticking the numbers. But for all those who want to know exactly, the corresponding formula is listed here: P(E) = E / n.
The probability of the event E corresponds to the number of favourable results divided by the number of possible results. 

The Euromillion vs. Lotto odds comparison

The record jackpot at the Euromillion with 190 million Euro is opposed by a record win of the lottery 6 aus 49 of "only" 45.4 million Euro. In this case the Euromillion are clearly ahead. But what about the odds of both lotteries? The chances of winning the 6aus49 lottery in the smallest class are 1 in 76. There are two prerequisites for winning. With at least two numbers and the super number, the player must be right. 
Those who try their luck in the Euromillion, on the other hand, can win with two correct numbers. The probability of winning in the Euromillion is 1 to 22. The multi-state lottery is therefore also ahead here. So there is still the question of the jackpot. There are no differences here. The probability of winning the main prize is 1 in 139,838,160 in both cases. But it is also clear when looking at the Euromillion chance of winning: As countless examples from the past prove, luck strikes again and again. At Euromillion, there have already been several wins of 190 million euros. 

Euromillion vs. Lotto Win Chances Comparison: Lotteries with Different Win Classes

Two lotteries are not only different in terms of minimum odds. The number of prize categories also differs. Euromillion are ahead of all other lotteries with 13 prize categories. Lotto 6aus49 comes third in this ranking with 9 prize categories. Winning classes are important because they indicate how high the win is if the lottery is successful. Which winning class it is depends on the numbers that were correctly typed. In this case it is also decisive whether the super number is correct.

This costs a betting field at Euromillion

Lotto 6aus49 costs one Euro for one betting field plus processing fees. At Euromillion, the "start costs" from Germany are from 2.85 euros per betting field. The probability of at least getting your bet back is comparatively good for Euromillion and is 1:22 - for Lotto 6 aus 49 the probability is 1:76.      

Euromillion chance of winning lures above all with larger jackpot  

Euromillion has already won up to 190 million euros several times in recent years, and the chances of winning Euromillion are as good as with the regular lottery. Lotto 6aus49 can't really keep up with that. There the jackpot rarely comes to over 30 million euros. Also in the Euromillion vs. Lotto odds comparison of the minimum jackpot Euromillion and Lotto 6aus49 differ significantly. Euromillion can boast of 17 million euros in this respect, while Lotto 6 aus 49 comes to one million euros. 

Euromillion: Play online with ease  

Euromillion tickets are not available at kiosks in Germany. However, even there, tippers don't have to miss out on their chance to land the big hit with Euromillion. Online tickets can be bought without any problems. Some providers, such as LottoStar24, make this possible. The basic rule is: if you want to try your luck with Euromillion, you must be at least 18 years old.


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