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Euromillion - A Swiss hits the record jackpot



He managed to guess five correct winning numbers plus two star numbers in the Eurolotto at the Euromillions - and he was the only one to do so. So the cheers of the lucky lottery winner, who is supposed to come from Switzerland, should have known no bounds after the announcement of the lottery quotas.

Since Friday evening, he has been allowed to own the gigantic sum of 93,948,087.00 euros. Converted into Swiss francs, the winning sum sounds even more spectacular. Euro Lotto brings the successful player the sum of 115.8 million francs. According to media reports, the lottery ticket with the correct winning numbers was distributed in Valais.

This is a very special day for Switzerland, because such a record win at the Euromillions was no longer possible in 2004. At that time, a Portuguese lottery player living in Switzerland won around 99 million Swiss francs in the Euro lottery for the Euromillions. So the current winning amount is also the highest ever for the Euromillions in Switzerland. Of course, the hunt for the next Euromillions is now starting anew. The jackpot will start again next Tuesday at 15,000 Euros in the 1st prize category.

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