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7 Secrets of Euromillion Winners


EuroMillion Secrets: 5 tricks to increase your chances of winning
EuroMillion offers the chance to win a Million Jackpot every week. The chance to clear the big cash pot is 1 in 139,838,160. Five EuroMillion secrets improve the chances of winning the popular Euro lottery. 

1. tricking the system 

One of the biggest EuroMillion secrets is the system behind the winning numbers. The amount of the jackpot is calculated exactly and depends on how many winners typed the same numbers. Birthdays are particularly often typed: the numbers 1 to 31. Statistically speaking, all numbers above this are much less likely to end up on the lottery ticket - betting on the numbers 31 to 50 increases the probability that no other player has typed the same numbers. 
A look at the well-known forums can help. There, players discuss their EuroMillion tips and try to crack the system behind the popular lottery. Because those who play according to a pattern significantly improve their chances of winning a high prize. 

2. playing according to a pattern 

It is similar to a numbers game when the EuroMillion lottery is played according to a pattern. It is worth choosing random numbers that do not follow any logic, because there is little chance that another player will hit exactly the same numbers. This is not the case if, for example, only odd numbers are played or the numbers are typed in a certain pattern. In the event of a win, the jackpot must then be shared with several people. It is therefore advisable to play according to an unusual system or random from the outset. It is crucial to make different bets, because always typing the same numbers quickly becomes monotonous and leaves no room for experimentation. It makes more sense to change the numbers again and again and take a regular look at the numbers that are drawn most frequently and most rarely. Currently the numbers 2 and 3 belong to the most popular numbers of the lottery fairy. 18, 33, 40 and 47 are relatively rare. 

3. type rare numbers 

At EuroMillion, there are certain numbers like 13 or 7 that are typed particularly frequently. Lucky numbers and number sequences have a special meaning for many people and often end up on the ticket. If you want to outsmart the system, you type in rare numbers that do not have any unusual meaning, such as 48 or 29. The probability that other players will also type in these numbers is much lower than if you type 1 or 7. Again, the tactic doesn't increase the chances of winning, but it does increase the amount of the jackpot, since the win doesn't have to be shared with other players. 

4. bet groups of numbers 

The winning numbers at EuroMillion are mixed. However, the winning numbers often lack a certain group of numbers. The winning numbers 16, 8, 5, 17, 40, for example, do not contain numbers between 30 and 39. Anyone who takes the time to study the previous winning numbers will find conspicuous features such as these that can be used profitably. In any case, EuroMillion winners can prevent other players from typing identically by skilfully choosing the numbers. 

5. double protection 

Even those who guess exactly the right numbers and clear the EuroMillion jackpot do not have a sure chance of winning. Before the money is paid out, the EuroMillion winner must react to the lottery prize and present the lucky ticket. To be on the safe side, it is best to play online. There the ticket is automatically saved and the winner is automatically informed about the money blessing. There is no risk of losing the ticket or oversleeping the draw and missing out on a possible win.


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