The best way to play Euromillion from Europe!

5 Quick steps to play EuroMillion


It only takes a few quick steps to win the Euromillion jackpot and playing Euromillion from Germany is no problem either. We have already explained this to you in detail on In fact, it's almost as easy to give away your ticket at Euromillion as it is with a normal national lottery. The only exception is that you can only play Euromillion online, but at a time when almost everyone manages their lottery tickets online, this should not be a particularly significant restriction.

Step 1: The numbers

Even before you even pull out your virtual wallet to pay for your lottery ticket, you have to think about the numbers that make the difference. With a glance at your options, it becomes clear that you have it all in your hands: 50 numbers, 12 star numbers - these numbers will be the winning numbers in any case. The choice doesn't seem so difficult at first glance, but in the end you have to exclude many numbers from your tip.

If you don't know your personal lucky numbers yet, you can let yourself be inspired by our help tools. In our archive you will find all previous winning numbers, in our statistics you will find the numbers that have brought you the most luck so far and our number generator provides you with truly random numbers for your tip free of charge. Finally, a complete random tip for you can become the big number combination of luck.

Step 2: The provider

Unfortunately, the next step is no less difficult than the first, because it is also a decision from many possibilities. The choice of the right supplier is very important, especially for the Euromillion, as the wheat must first be separated from the chaff. We at have made it our business to take this challenge off your hands with our Euromillion provider comparison. 


Step 3: The lot

The third step is much simpler and the procedure is very clear. The process of the Euromillion lot purchase is clearly explained on the provider page of your choice and you can actually do nothing wrong.

Step 4: The draw

This is the most exciting part of the whole Euromillion participation. Twice a week you can watch the draw live on the internet and hope for your numbers. Now it's out of your hands and Euromillion fate takes over from here.

Step 5: The winning numbers

So? How did it end? To find out if you have been successful, it is now necessary to check your typed Euromillion numbers with the winning numbers. Use for example our Checker tool.

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